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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Skatetronics.com goes to Venice Beach Skate Park


Venice Beach Skate Park's Beach front property

Location • Location • Location

Skatetronics.com visited Venice Beach on saturday May 8 2010. As far as the eye can see out in the horizon is the most amazing view of any skateboard park in the world. The 16,000-square-foot facility near Windward Avenue and Ocean Front Walk on Prime beach front property is the home of the new Venice Skate Park which opened this past October 2009. The city of Los Angeles and more specifically the city of Venice California, is known as the skate capital of the world and will now be known as the location of the most scenic skate park in the world.

The 3 million dollar gift to the city and skateboarders of Venice Beach, from a non-profit organization and championed by the Venice Surf and Skate Association who led the charge to build the park, is well appreciated by those who now visit the park on a regular basis. As Venice Beach is known for talent and diversity this Park is also attracting a diverse group of kids who come here to practice, show-off, let off some steam or just hang-out

Designed by the RRM Design Group and Wormhoudt Inc, the facility features rails, ramps, steps and bowls one of which, as reported by Martha Groves of the LA Times to "resemble the empty swimming pools where Adams and Alva, among others, gave birth in the 1970s to progressive skateboarding", in the Santa Monica and Venice area

Like all good things there is a bit of a down side, which is in the area of security of the park and the homeless population around the park. In an article, la.metblogs.com has reported the LAPD has inform the Venice Surf and Skate Association they would no longer be able to patrol the park when it's closed, which is when the homeless citizens of the city make their way to the park hoping for some rest over the night. I understand the park may be looking to resolve the issue so the park can stay open.

It would be a shame for such an awesome jesture to be reversed by people who are paid to work hard at resolving issues in a productive manner. The real issue is the people who run our government making decisions that give an advantage to corporations who leave America thus leaving many unemployed or under employed. Yes, the issue of the park security and the homeless sleeping there links to what appears to be an intentional policy of our politicians to destroy as much of the American dream for Americans as possible. Bad policies don't pass themselves.

So as I come to the end of my digressive rant I sincerely hope the city works hard at continuing their good intentions by working this issue of security out. It's a small price to pay to help kids find constructive ways to have fun and hang out together.

On a personal note I would have like to have seen the park stretch out 30 meters further across the beach front. But none the less it is a beautiful facility and although I don't use it I am exceedingly happy for those who do use it.

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