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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Village Hall to crack down on skateboarders

I had to write this because it seems like people in charge of government or city policy are people who appear to be governing peasants they have disdain for. There's an emotional distance between the people in government and the citizens that's self imposed and un-necessary.

I read this article out of Port Jefferson Long Island in N.Y about newly elected village board trustee Leslea Snyder proposing a city policy making it illegal for skateboarders to ride on the sidewalks or in the parking lots and areas around buildings in the business district. Snyder proposes violators have their skateboards taken away if caught. Does this woman have kids in her family? Does she, and many other citiy officials around America, remember when they were young and just wanted to be a kid have fun? Doesn't sound like it. It also doesn't sound like Snyder really cares about the safety of skateboarders as she states in the story, [linked below]. If she cared she would speak to some of the high and mighty's around her in politics and ask them for donations to build more skate parks around the city (village). This would be a small price to pay then to sick the police on these kids. Cops have better things to do than playing parent to kids who just want to have fun. In this society where the politicians line


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